For those who would like to attend the on-campus services at Enlightened Christian Center, we are implementing the following Social Distancing measures to make your church experience as safe as possible.

ENTRY: You will have minimal and possibly no contact at ECC with doorknobs and door handles. We will hold the doors open for you throughout most of the building

STAGGERED SEATING: We will seat your family and leave a seat or two between you and the next family.

STAGGERED ROWS: Where possible, we will seat the congregation by skipping a row before and after you to limit close contact

GREETING: We will not have any greeting and fellowship moments during or after our services to limit close contact.  Please do not shake hands, fist bump, hug or have any physical contact during this time

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY:  We will not offer Children’s Ministry and nursery at this time.  Please have your children sit with your family

RESTROOMS: Please feel free to us a sheet of paper towel to touch handles, levers, locks, faucets and/or knobs.  We are sanitizing these items before and in-between services.  There is a foot operated waste bin located at the restroom exit door for the disposal of all paper towels used.  Please follow the CDC recommendations by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. 

EXIT: We ask all members and guests to exit our facilities immediately after service and limit direct contact with one another.  The Pastors will not be available to greet during this time.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Fortunately, our services are only 1-hour which limits the amount of time you are with others.  If you feel sick, please stay home.

UPDATES: We will continue to update you with any changes, additions or modification of procedures and/or hours as soon as they are made.

ONLINE SERVICES: If you feel the need to self-isolate, you may watch our LIVE SERVICES the following 6 ways:



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Dr. Bryant K. Bell, Pastor

Enlightened Christian Center

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