Enlightened Christian Center offers ministry to your entire family to strengthen your life as a Believer. Most of our outreach ministries and courses meet on Sunday to avoid tying up your busy weekday and weekend schedule.  We realize the importance of your busy schedule and try to ensure that we keep service times down to a minimum.

We only have two services per week.  Both services are quick, powerful and life changing.  That way, you are free to serve God, serve work, and serve your family without too much infringement in any area.   We don't bog you down with a kazillion Bible studies throughout the week or special fellowships just to keep track of you.  We respect your time so you can enjoy the time you spend with us.

If you are looking for things to do in Atlanta or Marietta, click on the links on the sidebar to see the many Ministries Offered at Enlightened Christian Center Church in Marietta.

  • Children’s Interactive
  • Nursery
  • H.Y.P.E. Holy Young People Empowered Youth Group
  • Family Makeover
  • Treasure Hunt Evangelism Team
  • Local Missions
  • First Impressions
  • Coordinator Ministry
  • Parking Lot Ministry
  • Images of Excellence
  • Transportation Ministry
  • Sudden Breakthrough
  • Laser Praise! Exclusively at Enlightened Christian Center
  • Marketplace
  • Media Ministry