Psalm 72:7 (NIV84) In his days the righteous will flourish; prosperity will abound till the moon is no more.

A. The Hebrew word for “Prosperity” is shalom: It means safety, health, prosperity, peace

B. The Shalom kind of Prosperity is systemic; it can flow into every area of your life

C. You must want to experience it if you are to see it

D. Your faith must be expressed in no uncertain terms and you cannot shy away from it

E. Abundant Prosperity, peace, safety, health is for the righteous

F. You qualify if you are a believer because you have been made righteous

G. This kind of prosperity is a member benefit for being in the Body of Christ

H. You don’t receive this Prosperity because you are good; you receive it because you have been made good

I. Don’t be afraid to accept the Abounding Prosperity God has promised to all His children

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Dr. Bryant Bell