Psalm 34:2 (KJV) My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.

A. Being proud of what God has done for you is a great way to start your week

B. Having some God-Pride will help you keep your mind focused on God’s work in your life and be a great source of encouragement

C. God blesses us so we can talk about His goodness to others

D. God’s goodness is contagious.

E. When people hear about the goodness of God, they can catch the goodness of God

F. When people hear about the goodness of God, they crave the goodness of God

G. Your Heavenly Father’s Name depends on you boasting about Him to others

H. Being proud of God is an act of Faith

I. Don’t let trials stop you from boasting about what your God is going to do for you.

J. Don’t be afraid to tell others of how good your Heavenly Father has been to you

K. It does not matter who doesn’t appreciated you glorifying God, those who need to hear some good news will appreciate it very much

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Dr. Bryant Bell