See Pastor Creflo Dollar Live in Marietta at Enlightened Chrisitan Center

Join us on Sunday, September 3rd at 6:00 pm at Enlightened Christian Center for the dedication of our new church building. We’re honored to have Dr. Creflo Dollar as our guest speaker, who generously gifted us this $3.5 million blessing in response to a dream Pastor Bryant Bell had 20 years earlier!

Enlightened Christian Center
601 Tower Road NE
Marietta GA 30060

Back Story

The Dream that Mainfiested Our $3.5M Building
We Started Enlightened Christian Center at the Stratton Library in 1999. In 2002 we were worshipping in Smitha Middle School in Marietta, Georgia. At that time, I had a dream about a church that I had never seen before. In the dream, The LORD showed me many details about the property, including furniture in the basement of one of the properties and specific pictures of individuals who were part of the history of that church. He also let me know that the building would one day be given to our church.

In 2004, I was looking at a suite we were considering leasing in a business park for our church. The business park was Kennesaw Mountain Business Park located on Old 41 Hwy in Marietta. As I was leaving the property, I prayed and said to The LORD, “Lord, I am uncomfortable with this lease. Please reveal to me the building you showed me in the dream.” As I prayed this prayer, I turned left onto Old 41 Hwy. As I approached Kennesaw Avenue, The LORD told me, “Turn Left Here”. I then turned left onto Kennesaw Avenue. As I drove down Kennesaw Avenue, The LORD spoke to me as I approached Tower Road and said, “Turn left here”. I kept straight. The Lord spoke to me again and said, “I said turn left back there”. I did a 3 point turn and went back and turned onto Tower Road.

As I started driving down Tower Road, I began to see something that in my dream. As I kept driving, I came to a property with 2 buildings thereon. The buildings appeared to be the same buildings as were in my dream. I was very scared, but I decided to go inside and meet the pastor. When I went inside, I met a man who said he was the pastor of the church. I made him aware of my dream about the property and he took me and showed me all the things I saw in my dream. I tried to lease the building from them, believing it was what The LORD wanted for our congregation. However, they would not lease it to me. We then signed a lease for the property at Kennesaw Mountain Business Park on Old 41 Hwy.

In 2007 or 2008, the leaders of the church decided to sell the building to our church to avoid foreclosure. We entered into a contract to purchase the building. However, the trust company decided to foreclose on the property. Sometime later, Pastor Creflo Dollar purchased the facility and planted a satellite congregation in that location. When I found out that he had purchased the facility, I prayed and asked The LORD, “Whey does he have my building”. The LORD replied, “He’s a holder in due course. I put it in the hands of a man I can trust”. I was very satisfied that answer and I told my congregation that we were no longer going to buy that building.

I January 2022, I was very sick from COVID-19. I prayed and mentioned to The LORD, “You cannot let me die because You have not given me the building you showed me in the dream”. In April, I found out that Pastor Creflo Dollar had placed that propery on sale for $3.5M. While he had the property on sale, I knew that The LORD had promised that property to our congregation in my dream 20 years earlier. At some point when the property was listed for sale, God spoke to Pastor Dollar and told him to make my 20-year dream come to pass.

On June 15th 2022, I was sitting at my computer preparing to delete my junk email. As I highlighted all of the junk mail to be deleted, The LORD told me to look at the last email. It was from a man named Vernon. I decided to open it. When I opened the email, The sender, Vernon, Identified himself as the CEO of World Changers Church International. He heard that we were interested in their church property and wanted to meet. We scheduled the meeting for June 23rd.

On June 23rd we met at the property. Once inside, we toured the entire building. After touring the building, we were standing in the front foyer and Vernon said, “Dr. Dollar believes that the seed is greater than the sale. If you will accept it, we would like to sow this building into your ministry.” At that moment they committed to giving us their entire $3.5M property debt free.

I was told that when Vernon returned to his office, they had received millions of dollars in offers on the property but decided that they would stick with donating it to our church instead of accepting a sale.

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