2 Samuel 22:44–45 (NIV84) “You have delivered me from the attacks of my people; you have preserved me as the head of nations. People I did not know are subject to me, 45 and foreigners come cringing to me; as soon as they hear me, they obey me.

A. God saves everyone but does not necessarily trust everyone

B. We should want to be trusted by God; it should be a strong desire in our hearts

C. God has people in this earth that were once heathens who are now trustees

D. Your past doesn’t determine the level of trust you can earn with God

E. Trust is earned through obedience from the heart; it cannot be earned through an act to get God’s attention

F. If you don’t have the trust of God, you have the heart that you can develop in the trust of God

G. Developing your heart to guide your actions starts with spending time minister to God, then hearing God, then obeying God with a good attitude

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Dr. Bryant Bell