John 7:12 (KJV) And there was much murmuring among the people concerning him: for some said, He is a good man: others said, Nay; but he deceiveth the people.

A. There are very few feelings that are as disheartening as being distrusted by others

B. Distrust can influence emotions and lead to feelings such as anxiety, sadness, and frustration.

C. Jesus was distrusted so He could carry the negative opinions others hold against His children

D. When people unjustly distrust you, they are willing to openly speak negative about you

E. When people unjustly express distrust for you, don’t let it stop you from walking by faith or growing in grace

F. When people unjustly express distrust for you, don’t dignify it by trying to prove your trustworthiness to them

G. You are redeemed from the impact of distrust and the harm it would cause an unbeliever

H. While some might see you as untrustworthy, God will make you trustworthy in the eyes of the right people

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Dr. Bryant Bell