In 2006, without knowing Pastors Bryant & LySandra Bell, Pastor Creflo Dollar came to Enlightened Christian Center and blessed the church and both Pastors Bell. He passed his Generational Anointing on to them and ignited the success they have and continue to experience in ministry. This meeting with Dr. Dollar preaching at Enlightened Christian Center and Blessing the Pastors, is a result of a dream The Lord gave to Pastor Bryant Bell many years earlier. He dreamed that he and Dr. Dollar were coming out of a building and Dr. Dollar put him in a car with Bro. Kenneth Copeland. That was the entire dream.

Years later, while out of town, God impressed Pastor Bell to invite Dr. Dollar to Enlightened Christian Center to preach. Pastor Dollar accepted the invitation for October 2006. During the meeting Dr. Dollar did what many of his leaders and elders said he had never done for any other pastor in the history of his ministry. He released the Generational Blessing on Pastors Bryant & LySandra Bell and Enlightened Christian Center. As Pastor Bryant Bell recalls:

"I was in my office I decided to tell Pastor Dollar the dream. I said, 'You are here as the result of a dream. I dreamed you took me and put me in a car with Kenneth Copeland.' After I told him the dream, he put his head back and breathed out a sigh of relief and stated, 'Know I know why I'm here. I tried to put your letter down several times but every time I went to put it down, the Lord wouldn't let me. When I found out that your church had been here 7 years, I knew God had planted a work here in Marietta. Every church that I have seen startup in this area failed. Tonight, I am going to teach on the Blessing.'"

He then went to the pulpit and taught on the blessing and released the Generational Anointing on Pastors Bryant & LySandra Bell and Enlightened Christian Center,

It all started with a dream: