Exodus 34:6 (KJV) And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth

A. God is a good Father and treats His children good

B. The limits of God’s goodness cannot be reached by man

C. The goodness of God can overflow in our lives if we would allow it

D. Unfortunately, Christians have an expectation of overflowing punishments, tests and trials from God

E. Believers must learn to have an expectation of overflowing goodness

F. We must learn to expect good times, good things and good relationships from God

G. Once we begin to expect God to be good, we must learn to expect Him to cause good to overflow in our lives

H. If you don’t turn off the flow of God’s goodness, it will overflow in your life

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Dr. Bryant Bell