1 Chronicles 7:24 (The Living Bible, Paraphrased) Ephraim’s daughter’s name was Sheerah. She built Lower and Upper Beth-horon and Uzzen-sheerah.

A. Because of the Holy Spirit inside, you have more potential to tap into

B. Aligning your potential with the potential of the Holy Spirit will always cause Overflowing Potential

C. Your race and gender cannot stop you from fulfilling all the potential you have when it is operating in the Overflow

D. In an age where men ran the world, Sheerah built 2 cities

E. Sheerah allowed her potential to Overflow

F. When you allow your potential to Overflow, you can change a city, run for congress, sit on a planning board

G. If you allow your potential to tap into the Overflow, you can reach heights in your career that were otherwise impossible

H. The Overflow places you potential into Overdrive

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Dr. Bryant Bell