Psalm 25:12-14 (NIV) 12 Who, then, is the man that fears the LORD? He will instruct him in the way chosen for him. 13 He will spend his days in prosperity, and his descendants will inherit the land. 14 The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.

A. God has a perfect will for every situation you face in life

B. The key to knowing God’s will is reverential fear

a. Whatever you fear commands your respect

b. You will obey whatever you fear

c. Reverential fear means to put God first and give Him honor

d. People who fear God, don’t make decisions without praying

C. God want’s to be included in our plans so He can guide our decisions

D. When we show God reference, God reveals His perfect will for our lives

E. Doing God’s will aways causes us to prosper

a. God’s will cannot cause failure

F. Doing God’s will affects our children and grandchildren

G. Fearing God opens the doors for Him to reveal secret things about His will to us


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Dr. Bryant Bell