Psalm 119:66 (NIV84) Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I believe in your commands.

A. Judgment: (Merriam Webster)
     1. The process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing
     2. Careful judgment [or opinion] of the odds
         i. (It is not worth doing in my judgment)
     3. The capacity for judging : DISCERNMENT
         i. (Showing poor judgment)

B. God wants us to have Good Judgment

C. Bad decisions are made when people lack Good Judgment

D. Your judgment is your opinion on the matters of life

E. You opinion sets the boundaries for your actions

F. Your judgment is your way of placing value on everything in life

G. When your judgment is bad, you will value things and people beyond their actual worth

H. Good judgment brings success, causes good decisions, encourages good actions, makes good relationships, and results good living

I. We can ask God for Good Judgment and the Holy Spirit will give it to us

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Dr. Bryant Bell