Because of the misrepresentation of and misinformation about Black People in the Bible translations, Christian Literature, Christian Commentary, Art, Media, Music, Movies and Theater; and, because the Gospel message by some preachers does not always portray Black People in their proper race or ethnicity, it has contributed to a lack of awareness of the importance and significant contributions of Black People to the plan of God as written throughout the Word of God. It has led some Black People to reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a “White Man’s religion or a book to promulgate slavery.

For this reason, the Black Lives That Mattered in the Bible message is being taught with the Following Intentions:

• To help Christians identify Black People and their significant achievements in the Word of God, the Mission of Christ, and the Work of the Holy Spirit

• To Biblically dispel the myths that Black People are cursed, irrelevant or inferior to any other race

• To help bring correction and authenticity to Christian Literature, Christian Commentary, Art, Media, Music, Movies and Theater, etc.

• To help non-black Christians who may be experiencing fears, distrust or expressing bias and/or prejudice towards Black People to repent for their actions towards Black People

• To help non-black churches, ministries and Christian organizations to no longer discriminate against Black Parishioners, Supporters and Clergy

• To help Ministers of the Gospel and other Christian influencers become more aware of the detriments to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when race and ethnicity in the Bible are NOT portrayed accurately

• To help Black Christians have a positive self-esteem and self-awareness by knowing that we are highly respected by God

• To help Black Christians understand Black History in the Bible so they can avoid the mistakes that some Black People groups in the Bible have made in the past

This is not a political message nor is it an attempt to influence social justice in the secular world – it is a message for Christians. The Black Lives that Mattered in the Bible Message is not an attempt to persuade or dissuade involvement in social justice organizations. All personal opinions mentioned in this message are those of Dr. Bryant Bell and are subject to change upon further revelation and education.

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