The Importance of Dating Your Spouse

Welcome to our insightful and engaging discussion on ‘The Importance of Dating Your Spouse, featuring Pastors Bryant & LySandra Bell in conversation with Bishop Kenneth Fuller. In this virtual live session, these seasoned ministers share valuable insights, offering practical dating ideas to make planning date days and nights with your spouse effortless. Whether you’re a pastor or a layman, this discussion holds valuable lessons for anyone looking to strengthen their marriage.

With a successful marriage spanning back to 1988, Pastors Bryant & LySandra Bell bring a wealth of wisdom on building a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling marriage and family life. As proud parents of three accomplished children who wholeheartedly serve The LORD and His kingdom, their experiences and advice are truly inspiring.

Join us in this post as we delve into the significance of dating your spouse and discover how to foster a deeper connection and love that stands the test of time. Get ready to enrich your relationship and embark on a beautiful journey of love, togetherness, and growth.


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Dr. Bryant Bell