SPIRITUAL GROWTH | The Right Environment for Growth

Job 8:11–12 (AMP) Can the rush or papyrus grow up without marsh? Can the flag or reed grass grow without water? 12 While it is yet green, in flower, and not cut down, it withers before any other herb [when without water].

A. Your environment will spark growth or stunt your growth

B. Water represents people in the Bible; it is what people bring to your life to spark growth in you

C. To grow, you need to be around people who water you by encouraging you to be successful

D. People who challenge you to keep going when you feel like quitting, are watering you so you can grow spiritually

E. When we isolate ourselves from those who water us, we will wither

F. We are social-spiritual creatures, our spiritual growth thrives in groups where we can be watered

G. People water us by speaking positivity into our lives, creating fun and fellowship, enjoying entertainment with us, sharing the Word together, etc

H. To thrive and develop, you need your group to be part of an environment that nurtures and nourishes you.

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Dr. Bryant Bell